ProYoga for any athlete; at the office or on the field.

My classes are designed for all levels and types of teams, from corporate group classes to high school, college and pro-sports teams!
My mission is to increase your energy, mobility and strength at work or in a game.
Zenith Championship Team

Corporate Yoga

For anyone in a high stress position, from technology jobs to outdoor labor positions.
I started training in 2006; and now offer multiple types of classes: breathing, meditation and mindfulness classes; to focus, motivate and or energize/relax your team. Short visualization programs to one hour classes, to help you unplug and relax.

Commercial Yoga

For residents and staff at condos, hotels, parks, homes, etc. I provide body, mind and spirit rejuvenation with ergonomic yoga classes from fifteen minutes to over an hour. Curriculum focuses on the spine and Range of Motion (ROM). In-office classes to athletic fields or workout areas; even at pools!

ProYoga.US is for everyone who wands to de-stress, build immunity, and relax. I have trained thousands of people and will work with your group and staff to create the best program for your organization.

My Yin class, developed over the last 14 years, helps to rejuvenate and restore the body and mind. Feedback from students is that they sleep better, and athletes tell me they are more focused and relaxed.

Call or text to discuss your needs, 480-262-7137, or email Yogi Mark at Namaste 🙏